Actors' Headshots


Performance Photography offers a package specifically tailored to performers who need headshots for auditions.


Rather than charging you every time for reprints (which you'll need an endless supply of), we create a CD with your images on it and a license to get prints made wherever you like.


Our basic actors' headshot package includes:

Basic package price: $75.00

(Belvidere/Rockford area)


Package plus prints: $100.00

(includes twelve 8x10 prints of one image)


Additional images on CD (beyond the four included with the package): $10 per image


The package cost is payable at the time of your photo session.  Online proofs are made available within four days, and prints will be delivered within 2 weeks of ordering.


Please note: There is tremendous variety in the styles of portraits used by professional actors.  They can be anything from a very tight headshot in black & white with even lighting, to a half-length portrait in color with dramatic lighting and an outdoor setting.  Be prepared to show us examples of the style you're looking for.  We can only produce what you want if you let us know!


Please contact us with any questions or to schedule a sitting.


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